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Being locked out of your house or car can happen to anyone and anytime. It can be cause a great deal of stress and it can waste your time especially when you don’t know what to do.  Calling a locksmith can be pretty convenient for you, but frequently calling a locksmith every time you are locked out can also damage your wallet. Here are 10 ways to never get locked out of your car or house again to avoid from being hassled from this minor inconvenience and save some money from calling a locksmith.

  1. Always have a spare key

The primary reason why you’re locked out of your car or house is because you don’t have your key with you. With a spare key, you will never be locked out of your car or house ever again. Just make sure that you always bring your spare key with you or give a spare key to someone you trust and you can call at a moment’s notice. You do not want to leave a spare key outside your house like under a pot or your doormat because someone might see you hiding it and use it to enter your home without your knowledge.

  1. Learn how to Pick Locks

If having a spare key is not an option for you, you can learn how to pick locks from online resources or from professionals. With lock picking skills, you can be sure that you will not lock yourself out as long as you have your lock pick tools with you. You can even help your friends or someone you know if they have locked themselves out. Before learning how to pick locks and buy yourself a lock pick tool set, know your respective state’s laws regarding lock picking to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws and be sure to know what types of locks you can and can’t pick.

  1. Always do a routine check on your keys

Before leaving your house or car, doing a routine check of your must-haves can make you remember to bring your keys with you. One technique to make it easier to remember to bring your keys with you is to assign what stuff goes into which pocket. By doing so, you can just easily tap your pockets and know what stuff you forgot to bring with you.

  1. Replace all broken or old locks

Though locks can be quite durable, they can still be broken over the course of time. With continued use, locks have a tendency of breaking down which would make it harder and harder for you to unlock until such time it won’t budge anymore. Replacing your lock will save you the time and money of dealing with broken locks in the future.

  1. Do not create a duplicate key using a duplicate key

No matter how convenient it is to duplicate a key using a duplicate key, you should never do it. When a key is duplicated, some of the details of the original key are lost. When you keep using duplicate keys to create a duplicate, most details would be gone thus unlocking the lock would be next to impossible.

  1. Have a tryout key with you

Tryout keys are keys that would typically work on old model cars and motorcycles within a similar model. Before buying one though, be sure to do your research to know what type to buy for your car or motorcycle. Having one would allow you to access your car or motorcycle without the hassle of knowing how to pick locks or hotwire a vehicle.

  1. Find an unlock door or window of your house

You may want to check for a door or window that you may use in case you were locked out of your house. This also gives you the opportunity to look for a security loophole, like a broken window or a door with an exposed lock, in your house.

  1. Always know where your keys are

To avoid getting your keys lost, you should always keep track of where your keys are. You should always remember where you kept your keys so you don’t accidentally lose them and lock yourself out. You should also avoid showing your keys in public because someone might be interested to steal your keys to have access to your property.

  1. Use a card to open locks

You can use a solid plastic card to open your door. This can work if your door’s lock is non-deadbolt and the sloped ridge of the bolt is facing you. Be careful when trying this method because the card that you use might break into pieces, so avoid using important cards like credit cards and identification cards.

  1. Call a locksmith

If all else fails, you should consider calling a locksmith Fort Mill SC. They can easily open any lock for you and may even create a duplicate for you if you require one. Some locksmiths are available anytime, so you can call one if you’ve locked yourself out in an unusual hour. Calling a locksmith is much cheaper than breaking your window or kicking your door down.

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