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Locks, no matter how good their quality is, can degenerate over time. This means that one day, your lock might not budge and would thus break your key. It can be very troublesome when your key gets stuck on the lock and breaks into pieces. Not only you have to remove the broken piece from the door, there is also a possibility that you have to change the lock of your door to a newer one. You may also spend a lot for calling a locksmith just to take out the broken piece of your key. Here are some simple ways to get a broken key out of a lock.

  1. Using a superglue

This method works when the broken piece is exposed. To use this, all you need to use is a solid object, like a matchstick or a thick metal wire, and superglue. Apply superglue on one end of the object and stick it to the broken piece of the key. Once the superglue had dried off, you just simply pull the object away. You have to use something solid since there is a tendency that the object you may use might just break before you can pull the broken piece out.

  1. Tweezers

This is one of the common methods used by people when a broken piece of their key is stuck. To use this method, you need to make sure that tweezers that you’re going to use is thin enough to fit into the keyhole but thick enough for it to have a nice grip on the broken piece. Just like the previous method, you just pull the broken piece once you have a nice grip on it. This works best if some parts of it are exposed outside the keyhole. There is a possibility that you might just push the broken piece deeper through the hole if you can’t see the broken piece, so be sure that you’re confident that you can pull the piece out.

  1. Gravity and a blunt object

If a broken piece of your key is stuck on a lock that is pointing downwards, you might want to try and do this method. All you have to do is face the keyhole to the ground and apply force to it by using a blunt object, like a hammer. The gravity helps the broken piece to be pulled down and the applied force helps push down the piece. Be careful when trying this method since there is a possibility that the lock’s core may be damaged, which means that you will need to change the lock.

  1. Use a broken key extractor

This tool is specifically designed to take out broken keys that are stuck in a keyhole. This tool is usually used by locksmiths when they usually solve these types of problems, which proves the effectiveness of this tool. The tool takes the broken piece out by attaching the teeth on the keys to the hooks on the tool. Though they may be very effective in taking the broken piece out of the keyhole, these types of tools are somewhat expensive and there are a lot of variants that include some stuff that you really don’t need. It is recommended that you use a single-hooked key extractor or a double-hook key extractor.

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