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Residential Rekey Services


Residential Re-key Services in Fort Mill SC

If you have moved to a new home and are wondering if anyone else has the keys, you can opt for residential rekey services to save money and keep your home safe. It is always possible that someone may have a duplicate key and rekeying may enable you to prevent any type of unauthorized access to your home easily.

Rekeying locks is a process in which the lock tumblers are changed. The inner mechanism of the locks is altered in such a way that old keys may not be used to open them. You may be able to gain access only with a new set of keys. It is always a good idea to choose a professional locksmith specializing in rekey services.

There are various situations where you may need residential rekey services and these include:

The various types of services that are provided by Residential Locksmith Fort Mill SC include:

  • Stolen or lost keys
  • Unreturned keys
  • Recent break-in attempt
  • Damage to lock due to act of vandalism
  • Rekeying can help save money as replacing locks can be expensive
  • Comply with state and local property codes
  • Want to open all locks with the same key
  • Upgrade security of your home to prevent unauthorized access.

New locks involve additional cost and this can be easily avoided. Rekeying is always a better option that replacing all locks of the home.

Rekey service in Fort Mill SC

You do not have to change the entire lock of the door to get a new key system. Our trained and certified technicians can easily make changes to the lock system so that it works as good as new. This can help save the expense of purchasing an entirely new lock system.

Duplicate keys

It is always a good idea to get duplicate keys for the locks. You can make use of them during a residential lockout or if the original keys get lost or stolen.

New lock installation and repairs fort mill

You do not always need a new lock system if the old lock is broken. Our expert locksmith technicians can help fix the problem of the old lock and make it function as good as new. In some cases the old lock may be broken beyond repair and you may have to install a new lock. Installation of new locks should be done by professional locksmiths, so that they provide added security.

Door adjustments

A poorly installed door can result in lock systems not functioning properly. Simple door adjustments can ensure that the locks and keys function properly. This ensures complete safety and security for your home.

Keypad locks

If you are tired of giving new keys to every member of your family and rekeying and changing locks each time one of them loses the keys, you can opt for keypad locks. These lock systems eliminate the necessity for a key as a touchpad code system is used to open locks easily. You can add as many members as you want and are saved the hassle of keeping track of keys.

Home safes

If you want to protect your precious items from theft and fire, it is best to install home safes. Most new home safes have advanced security systems that prevent burglars from stealing.

24 hour emergency service

We understand that you may need residential rekey services anytime of the day or night. We are just a phone call away and will respond to your call immediately.  All that you need to do is to call our friendly customer service and they will send the mobile locksmith nearest to your location. The mobile vans come equipped with advanced tools and equipment and this enables our expert locksmiths to complete the installation and repairs within minutes. Call us today.